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 Labor / Training / Setup / is a Complete Buildout of the India bazaar Store and is a TURNKEY SOLUTION that includes:
  • ALL LABOR We send all workers and crews necessary according to the store size.
  • ONSITE training with our Crew Captain (all our Crew Captains are India bazaar  Store Owners and have vast experience in the industry)
  • ALL TRAVEL expenses and accommodations are included.
  • ALL rentals of materials, equipment and extra workers if necessary are included.
  • SLATWALL PANEL assembly and wall Installation with leveling (slatwall boards are cut to fit in all necessary areas i.e. electrical outlets).
  • ALL Counters assembly (including checkout stands)
  • CASH STAND Installation.
  • ALL RACKS + displays Installation (i.e. Cosmetics, Balloons, Jewelry displays, etc).
  • Installation of all Hooks on walls
  • Installation of all End Units, End Caps, and Frames.
  • Special Installation and assembly of Book Shelves, Glassware, Picture Frames, Gift Items that require special setup.
  • Fences Installation
  • Basket Bins Installation
  • Security Mirrors Installation


  • Organization of products by category.
  • Classification in Storage Area.
  • LABOR and PRODUCT PLACEMENT of ALL Merchandise and categories in the store.
  • Customized work and product placement for Balloons displays, Spinner racks, Cosmetics Racks, Stickers and Magnet displays, etc.
  • Products are setup INDIVIDUALLY in a way that customers will walk through your India bazaar store and purchase as many items as possible!

By following a demographic report and breakdown, our crews use a schematic listing that we prepare carefully so we know exactly how and where specific products must be placed on shelves, slatwalls and displays to catch the eye of every customer that enters the store.

In Summary, Our Crews setup your store COMPLETELY from beginning to end and TRAINING is done ON-SITE.



Training and Support

The soham training program is customizable to fit your schedule. Classroom training is short but thorough, usually lasting a total of 3 days. Our experienced and professional Trainers make learning easy. Once your store’s location has been firmed up and your purchase agreement finalized, we immediately start your phone training – and then move on to:

Option #1 – Follow-up training at your new store site while the final touches are completed prior to your   Grand Opening.


Option #2 – Three days of hands-on training at our corporate headquarters in  india,  india bazaar – with final coaching at your Grand Opening.

Both options get great results. Option #2 gives you the opportunity to personally meet with our management and training staff. Option #2 is ideal but not mandatory – and never costs more to attend.  Whichever option works best for you, you’re assured of the comprehensive training needed to professionally manage your store.

Both options cover – in detail – all these basic store functions:        

  • Review of  your store operations manual
  • Opening & closing the store
  • Vendor orders and Adding new vendors
  • Role-playing on sales driving techniques
  • Seasonal flavors
  • Physical walk-through to review store standards
  • Handling sales transactions
  • Balancing sales report activity
  • Managing your personnel
  • Tracking cash flow with our proprietary budgeting spreadsheets 

Your training will include practical assignments and testing so that your Trainer can verify your level of  understanding and readiness. Once your training is completed, you immediately begin to work with your Build-Out Supervisor to ensure that your equipment, computer and POS systems are ready for your first day of business.

A November 2012 study by Dun & Bradstreet® found that “90% of small businesses that fail, do so because of  lack of skills and knowledge on the part of the owner.” Our training and support is designed to completely eliminate this lack-of-experience factor – at no additional cost to you. We excel at ensuring the operational success of our store ownersYou supply the guts and passion, we’ll supply the experience!   








 Store Opening Accessories for your store (also included on all Turnkey packages):

We have also included on all packages these accessories which we know you will need the day you open. They include OPEN Signs, Bags for your customers, Pricing gun(s), Indoor Signs, etc. See below more details. Nobody in the dollar store industry gives you a more complete package than we do and at the lowest prices in the nation !!
Store Uniform Polo Shirts with printed name.



Promotional Materials 

Advertising Balloons are the FASTEST growing method of advertising. It is an effective and economical way to let consumers in the area know that a new  India bazaar  store is coming. Owning an advertising balloon is like having your very own billboard but at a fraction of the cost! When your balloon is mounted on the roof or flying in the sky you are letting everybody know that you are open and ready for business. Our large balloons are designed to attract the people that are passing by your location and are most likely to become your next customer. Our balloons are used for grand openings, retail sales, trade shows, dealer sales, swap meets, fairs and festivals and other events that need visibility.
Why do you think large companies spend thousands and thousands of dollars erecting large signs at their locations? Because they know the Golden Rule of business 

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