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                        INDIA BAZAAR STORE

                                  STORE OPERATOR & DEVELOPER ( )

Our service     Build a Profitable Business

1. Retails store     Store type: For the profit margin scenarios:

a. 1 Dollar India bazaar Store = strictly $ 1 items (34% profit margin)

b. 1,2&3 Dollar India bazaar Store= Strictly $ 1, $2, $3 items (37% profit margin) India bazaar

c. Dollar India bazaar   Plus= $1 up to $10 items (40% profit margin)

 d. Dollar International Big India bazaar and More = $1 up to $ 250  items (40% profit margin)



whole setup, management & training

2. Whole sale distributors’                                   

manage organisation & complete set up 

3. Whole sale merchandise                                

deliver product from India & manage Indian order

4. on line store, e-commerce business, on line shopping

we will set up your online store & deliver product from India in our ware house

                          Join us in India for our next 10 day workshop

You will return, ready to open for business (or expand it), knowing that your stock will be delivered on the agreed day, that your shipper will handle all the paperwork and that you will know the exact cost.

 Importing From India

                       "Fast track to a profitable retail business."

Not many people source directly from manufacturers and import from overseas as they are daunted by the whole process. The prices they end up paying to wholesalers drastically erode their profit margins and can jeopardize their whole business. We will take you through this whole buying process.  We aim to make sourcing and importing easy for you, so you build a robust and highly profitable business.

We are going to prove to you how easy it is to do all your own sourcing, negotiating and importing from India. Most people are put off by a fear of the unknown, which is why they continue buying from wholesalers and internet suppliers in the UK & Holland with such poor margins.  Buying direct, you cut out the middlemen and with such good sales margins, you can expand your business model to include wholesaling.

 High Sales Margins

You can really expect profit margins of 300% to 800%.  When you consider that there are many retailers that operate with only 100% profit margins, then you can understand how extraordinary this is.

It is well worth explaining exactly what we mean by good sales margins.  If you buy a product for £1 and you have an additional £1 in direct costs (taxes, shipping etc.), then the total net cost to you is £2.  If you are selling for £6 then you have a 300% margin on the net price (not the gross price, otherwise the margin would be 600%).

Margins can rise to 1000% on items like jewellery.  We provide a more detailed analysis and real examples of these profit margins in the information pack

 Personal Introductions

We will introduce you to the manufacturers we
know, that have proven to be very reliable and of consistently high quality.  We are not suggesting that you should limit yourself to our recommendations but they offer excellent prices and quality and are a good starting point to test your product mix. They will also provide an important standard against which you can compare other producers.

Equally as important, as part of a collective group of buyers, we have considerable purchasing power. Just the idea that we might collectively withdraw our business can be a powerful incentive to ensure deadlines are met and quality remains consistent.


Quality and India

We found many people have a misconception of what India has to offer.  Modern India produces modern products. Take some time to browse through the different product pages here and you will see a sample of the enormous range available.

You can have almost anything made in India. India has definitely moved into the 21st century and is producing for its sophisticated international customers and not just for its home market and tourists.

The quality of workmanship is unmatched elsewhere in Asia. Manufacturing in India is not mass production, it tends to be smaller family run businesses that have retained highly skilled craftsmen and artisans.


The Export And Import Business

  • We will introduce you to specialist international freight forwarders to ship your products safely back to the your country  at low cost, taking advantage of special routing discounts and minimum duty and taxes

  • You will also be introduced to specialist buying agents that will ensure your goods are consolidated, packed and dispatched efficiently and carefully


We will take you through the whole process, the paperwork and terminology so you understand exactly what is happening and how to continue importing successfully in the future

Bill Of Lading

  Become A Competent Product Buyer

  • We will train you to negotiate advantageous terms with manufacturers in India from the beginning, so you are certain that you get the best available prices and payment conditions

  • We will introduce you to proven, trusted and approved trading partners
You will be given free, priority admission to the  Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair, which covers the full range of merchandise including textiles, furniture, soft furnishings, lighting, gifts gems and jewellery. The Fair lasts for 3 or 4 days and is run twice a year.

Running A Successful Retail Business


We aim to take away all of the uncertainty in starting a retail business, so you can concentrate on what makes your business unique, such as the product selection. The less you have to worry about administration and logistics the better



1 Introduce you to our extensive network of trusted contacts, so you are not exposed to any risks.

2 Help you to benefit from 300%-800%+ margins on the products that you source in India

3 Help you develop fully comprehensive cash flow projections

4 Help you to write a strong retail business plan which will appeal to banks for funding

5 Recommend a low cost accountancy firm

6 Recommend low cost security and retail equipment

7     Provide free consultancy during your first year of business

8 Advise you on direct mailing, advertising and marketing for both your traditional and online business

9 Bring you together with other retailers with similar businesses across the EU with free access to our online business network

10 Register your business as a limited company

11 Arrange your business visas to India

12 Teach the basics of writing powerful advertising and marketing materials

13 Show you the best value ways to advertise your business

14 Help you with some basics like choosing a good retail location  


 Running A Successful Retail Business
  • We design and build your retail website and host it for you over the first year

  • We show you how to set up internet banking and link it into your website

  • We will explain all of the promotional tools at your disposal on the internet, which ones to avoid and which advertising methods we believe are the best value and most effective

  • We will set up your online store so that you can easily load your products from a simple spreadsheet

You could sell as much online as you do through your retail premises

The Range Of Products Covered At The Trade


You will need to develop a concept for your retail outlet before

you arrive in India. It is important you have a well defined product

selection before you arrive because the choice and quality can be

overwhelming and you must stay focused. Please read our notes

on product selection.

There are over 300 product lines represented at the trade fair. We have provided a full list of the trade fair products

Clothing and Textiles
Unique Hand Made Furniture
Gems and Jewellery
Gifts and Handicrafts
Home Furnishings and Accessories
Leather Goods
Stone and Marble
Garden Furniture
Pottery and Ceramics
Bamboo, Jute & Cane Products
Zari Products
Candles, Incense and Cosmetics
Musical Instruments
Paper Maché and Paper Products
Metal Ware


Tour itinerary at -

Indian manufacture & suppliers Places 

Delhi              - fashion accessory & artificial jewellery

Panipath       - home furnish & textile, bad sheet, cousin cover, curtain 

 Saharanpur - wooden gift article and furniture

Moradabad -   Metal & iron product, gift artist 

 kurja –          ceramic & gift  

Aligarh-         Metal and brass product

Hatrash-       white Metal & brass handmade gift article

Firozabad - glass ware and gift article

Agra-            lather product, marble & gift article

 Indore -      clothing, dress material 

Varanasi - carpet 

Surat –       textile & clothing, embroidery work

Jaipur –     jewellery, textile, granite & marble product  

Jodhpur- furniture, antique items, handmade gift article & tie and dye, textile & handmade embroidery

Our aim is provide to wonderful services, your satisfaction is

always our faith and Customers focus is our rule of service. 

If you have any questions or suggestion, please send your

opinion and suggestion to E-mail:

 We will deal with it within 24 hours.

The Itinerary In Delhi, Firozabad,Jaipur & Jodhpur

Day 1

Arrival in Delhi - Orientation meeting to collect course materials and meet fellow delegates. Welcome drinks and dinner.

Day 2

Tour of manufacturers in Delhi and a visit to the Delhi Haat market.

Day 3

Intensive one day seminar. Meet the buying agents and freight forwarders.

Day 4

200km Train and road trip to Firozabad, the specialist home of handmade glassware in India,  and a visit to the Taj Mahal on the way  Aligarh-  Metal and brass product, Hatrash-       white Metal & brass handmade gift article

Day 5

Delhi Fair Viewing Day. Evening analysis of the day & finalising product choices.

Day 6

Delhi Fair Buying Day. Evening organising agents and freight forwarding arrangements.

Day 7

Car trip to Jaipur. Afternoon tour of ceramics and pottery manufacturers. City tour option.

Day 8

Site visit to jewellery and textile manufacturers in Jaipur. City tour option.

Day 9

250km Train and road trip to Jodhpur, the specialist home of handmade wooden  furniture, Iron gift article  & textile in India,  and a visit to the  Mehrangharh fort Site visit to wooden furniture manufacturers  before either returning to Delhi for flight home the next day, or last night in Jodhpur before commencing optional travel itinerary. 

Day 10

Delhi finalising agents and freight arrangements & sightseeing. Return flight to the your home.

  Product  Selection

Unique Hand Made Furniture

Indian furniture can be plain, carved, intricately painted or inlaid with stone or mother-of-pearl. It can be modern or traditional, you can even have your own designs manufactured for you.

If you have the chance you should go and watch a craftsman finish a pice of furniture. Painting is almost always done by hand, without stencils and is an incredibly skilled art.

Indian furniture is made from wood, steel, silver, aluminum, leather, wrought Iron and even plastic. It can have intricate carvings and fine detailing or be simple and functional. The quality is very consistent with specific manufacturers.

Clothing & Textiles
High street retail outlets use Indian manufacturers because their costs are so low. Many designer labels are manufactured in India so the quality is extremely high.

Laura Ashley, Zara, Accessorize, Conran, Habitat, Marks & Spencer, Graham & Green, John Lewis, Liberty and Harrods are just a few of the many examples of quality retailers benefiting from the booming Indian economy and the ever expanding manufacturing base there.
These companies have chosen to concentrate on the established and proven techniques of clothing and textile manufacture with a little emphasis on modern mass produced home furnishings too. This is understandable because at one end of the retail chain high street retailers require large volumes of uniform products to supply their many outlets. While at the other end more upmarket retailers’ trade on the basis of the uniqueness of their products which are often commissioned using UK designs especially for them. However, this has led to a situation where some of the most beautiful and exclusive items available via India’s thriving cottage industries, never make it to the UK.
Gems & Jewellery

 The Gem and Jewellery industry can be classified principally into diamonds, rubies, sapphires, coloured stones, gold and silver jewellery, and pearls. However, the two major segments in India are gold and diamonds. India dominates the global diamond processing trade with eleven out of twelve diamonds being cut and polished in India.

Although dominant role in terms of processing and consumption, mining of gold and diamond is amongst the lowest in the world. India imports gold and rough diamonds along with other precious metals. Gold is purchased from countries like Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, UAE, etc and rough diamonds are sourced from Belgium, UK, Israel and UAE.

Jewellery centres like Jaipur are very important and one of the best places in the world to source jewellery.

India’s Gem and Jewellery industry is highly unorganized and fragmented with 96% being family owned businesses. The gold processing industry has around 15,000 businesses, with only 80 earning over $5m. India has around 450,000 goldsmiths, 100,000 gold jewellers along with 6,000 diamond processing companies and 8,000 diamond jewellers.

The big names are Rajesh Exports, Gitanjali Gems, Suhashish Diamonds, Su-Raj Diamonds, Vaibhav Diamonds and Tanishq.


Gifts & Handicrafts

 Don't be mislead by the term handicrafts as in India it means hand crafted and denotes a higher quality than is implied in British culture.
This is such a vast range of products that it is hard to categorise these items further. They are produced all over India. Those you find at the international fairs are generally of high quality.




Again the range of products is enormous and of generally a high standard, though you do need to be thorough when buying, even at the international fairs.

Generally if you order an item that you have seen then you will receive the same quality. This is where buying in person is a huge advantage. Manufacturers tend to produce the same quality across their entire range, just be careful if they outsource or do something that is not one of their usual products.


Christmas decorations are mostly only displayed at the Spring fair.


Glass articles like bowls, tumblers and bottles for precious

things, like Indian scents, were made. Other items like phials,

bottles, jars and lamp chimneys are attractively made in a wide

range of shapes.

Engraving on glass is more common producing delicate foliated

designs. Glass bangles, with innumerable colors and patterns are

common. Ferozabad, in Uttar Pradesh, has an entire community

devoted to producing glassware and tableware

Glass beads are a speciality of Varanasi.

The tukli technique in Patna involves decorative items on glass, with gold or silver additions.

Home Furnishings & Accessories

 The textile industry in India is one of the largest segments of the Indian Economy and accounts for over one fifth of the country's industrial production.

The Indian craftsmen produce an exotic and fascinating range of yarn, fabric, home textiles and soft furnishings.

The product range includes bedspreads, curtains, rugs, durries, carpets, placemats, cushion covers, table covers, linen, kitchen accessories, made-ups, bath linen, and other home furnishings.

In addition to the home furnishings, a variety of floor coverings such as carpets, durries,  prayer rugs, hooked rugs and namdas are produced in certain regions.

Many of the techniques used are traditional and produced by small family run businesses.

Leather Goods

 The most popular leather products in India are shoes and handbags. Shoes come in a variety of traditional embroidery, brocade or textile designs as well as modern designer styles. You can have anything made or copied in India.

Kholapuri chappals from Maharashtra are very popular in India, being soft and comfortable to wear. 

A particular type of thickish shoes, called mojadis are made in Rajasthan. They are decorated with silk, metal embroidery and beads.

Jaipur probably has the most fancy and sophisticated footwear.

Jodhpur produces embroidered leather goods.

Kopi is a water bottle made in Bikaner from camel hide. Bikaner and Jaisalmer have decorative saddles for horses and camels.

Bengal produces handbags in batik style with the cracks, bold curves, and traditional motifs.

Leather items of Kashmir are very ornamental. The red leather embroidered with gold and silk is unique in Madhya Pradesh.

In Hoshiarpur, Punjab, applique work is done with colored leather pieces. Leather with metallic gold or silvery finish is done in Karnataka.

There are also crocodile and snakeskins products including wallets, pouches, handbags, and belts.

Stone & Marble

 In India traditional stone carving seems to be centered on temples. Made in a variety of stones, ranging from soft-brittle sandstone and patchy red stone to hard granite, the craftsmen carve replicas of the shore temples at Puri, Bhuvaneshwar and Konark.

Terra-cotta objects are made by hand or on the wheel, and then fired in an open oven. The surface is rubbed and polished with wood or stones while it is still wet.

Craftsmen use traditional techniques are used to carve stone into intricate lace screens

Gujarat specialises in the cutting and polishing semi-precious stones.

In Bihar, the black stone is used to make every day utensils.

In Rajhastan, red sandstone is widely used to make functional everyday items


 There is a whole range of lamps and lighting from the traditional to the modern.

Please make sure that you specify the correct voltage electrical fittings for your destination country and that they meet the required safety standards.


Garden Furniture

 There is a huge range which predominantly includes fountains, planters, garden lanterns, garden lighting, bird baths, urns, hanging baskets, pedestals and garden benches.
They are principally made from wrought iron, brass, stone, copper and bamboo and are all varnished, painted, carved, embossed or sculpted to be weather resilient.
Pottery & Ceramics
The ancient town of Khurja (80 kms from Delhi), is the centre of the ceramic industry. Khurja pottery goes back 600 years when potters first moved from Delhi. They produced red pottery and later introduced blue glazes over the red clay.

The stoneware base for blue pottery is made from powdered quartz, which is then glazed blue, with the same ingredients that were used for the blue tiles found in the Mughal domes. This unique style is known as Delhi blue pottery. 

The Jaipur blue pottery is equally famous and unique. It is impervious, so it is more practical for daily use. Some of this pottery is semi-transparent and mostly decorated with animals and birds motifs. These pottery items, unlike those of Delhi, are made out of Egyptian paste and fired at very low temperature. Many of these are decorative and include vases, coasters, small bowls and boxes.


Bamboo, Jute & Cane Products

 These range from practical items like furniture, baskets and mats to fishing devices and the distinctive leaf-headgear worn by tea workers and farmers. Bamboo umbrella handles etched with leaf, creeper and plant designs are a speciality of the Northeast.

Tripura is famous for its split bamboo work, especially its elegant screens, so finely finished that it resembles ivory.

Assam and Bengalare are best known for their mats, baskets, beer mugs, hukkas, musical instruments, floor mats, fishing devices and handles. Mizo baskets, made for storing rice, are woven with four long bamboo splints at the corners.

Arunachal Pradesh specialises in bamboo bridges and cane belts.

Orissa uses what is known as the golden grass which has a distinct look.

In Manipur they make unusual baskets, with dome shaped bamboo lids.

Kerala is best known for the extraordinary fine detail of its mats and square bamboo boxes.

West Bengal manufactures over 70% of all Jute products which include cushion covers, table-mats, table covers, tea cosies, floor coverings, garments and stuffed toys.

Zari Products

 Zari is a type of thread made of fine gold or silver wire used in traditional Indian garments. This thread is woven into fabrics, primarily made of silk to create intricate patterns. It is believed this tradition started during the Mughal era.

Zari is the main material in most silk sarees and ghararas. It is also used in other garments made of silk, like skirts, tops and vettis.

The main centres are Surat in Gujrat, Bareilly, Agra and Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, and Jaipur and Barmer in Rajasthan.

Candles, Incense & Cosmetics

 There is an enormous range of candles and incense produced in India as they have a strong religious significance.

Cosmetic manufacture is now world class so finding a producer that meets the new stringent European Community rules on cosmetic production is not difficult.

Cosmetics and skin care products can be personally branded and packaged in any way you wish. The low production cost of glass pots and bottles means you can design a high quality range of products at little extra cost.


 Trupati Dolls are figures carved out of wood and are then formally decorated.

Leather puppets are made in Andhra Pradesh. They are about five feet high, translucent and dramatically painted in vegetable dyes using traditional painting techniques.

For hundreds of years, pith or Indian cork has been used in Assam to make toys and dolls which are traditionally painted in bright colours.

Musical Instruments

 These range from the traditional Indian instruments like sitars and tablas to modern European instruments. Think world music and jazz.

Paper Maché and Paper Products

 Indian craftsmen use a variety of raw materials to produce paper and paper pulp ranging from vegetable fibre (including leaves, tree moss, potatoes, and flowers), old ropes, canvas, linen and cotton rags. In fact, anything can be used as long as it has fibres capable of forming a continuous sheet.
These materials can be fashioned into an enormous range of durable items that can be moulded, painted and lacquered.

Metal ware

 Moradabad, Jaipur and Delhi are the main centres for metal crafts.

Water pitchers (lotas) and metal based lamps are made in almost all parts of the country.

The bell-metal vessels (urli) are made in specifically in Kerala

In Laddakh, decorative kitchen stoves are made purely by hand.

Bronze metal icons are manufactured in Southern India.

Muradabad is known for its coloured enamelling and intricate engravings in nielloIt. They also produce metal-wire inlay work with picture panels.

Delhi is known for its pie-crust designs (paildar).

Koftgari, technically known as damascening, is the art of inlaying different metals into one another-- typically, gold or silver into a darkly oxidized steel background. It is used to create a wide range of practical and ornamental products.

Kashmir is famous for metal engraving on walking sticks, nutcrackers, cutlery and knives.

Rajasthan produces high quality silver ware. Spice boxes, caskets and cigarette cases are made of silver with intricate designs.

antique and reproduction furniture

 Avail from us the range of original antique reproduction furniture that is class personified and is truly retro. Carved out of quality materials, this furniture are a true depiction of age old culture that encapsulates glimpses from various ends like Italian, American and French. Comprising of tables, chairs, cabinet.

Indian Craft Centers

 Range of Trade Fair Products

This is a comprehensive list of the range of trade fair products. There are 300 main product categories and they were represented by over 1,800 manufacturers. Most manufacturers have multiple ranges of products so an average of 40 producers can be found for each category. Obviously some categories like jewellery, textiles and furniture are more popular than others.

There are more Christmas products in the Spring fair, for obvious timing reasons. This list was taken from the 2008 Autumn fair.

When you visit the fair you will be given a 600 page fair directory that lists full details of each exhibitor and a description of their product ranges.


Categories of Retail Locations in your country

There are a number of different groups of retail locations. The

following list shows the main types.

• Out-of-town shopping centres (malls)

• Retail parks

• Factory outlets

• In-town shopping centres

• ‘The high street’

• Rural retailing

• Market places

• Travel locations

• Event/visitor retailing (tourism)

You should be aware which of these general retail locations

would best suit your product ranges



 Pottery & Ceramics
 Clothing & Textiles
 Own a  India bazaar Store: How You Can Get Started
If you have ever wanted to own a  India bazaar store, now is the chance.
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Owning a India bazaar Store: What You Will Need
Just to give you an idea of what you will need when planning and setting up your own  India bazaar store  store, here are a few requirements for your business:
Location: The location is key. You’ll need a place to set up shop, be it an existing building or one that is constructed just for you. Business Plan: A business plan is the blueprint to your business. You will need one to secure financial support from lenders. Detailed Guidance: To begin, a plan on how to start a India bazaar  store business comes in handy. We have one for you from start to finish. Merchandise: You will not only need products to sale from reliable suppliers, but also the fixtures (shelves, etc.) to store the merchandise. Marketing: Getting the word out is essential. Without marketing and advertising, no one will come!
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 India bazaar Store Business Plan: Professional Help with Planning for Success

Did you know that having a solid India bazaar  store business plan is an essential part of any successful business strategy?

It’s true. Having a business plan for your dollar store venture is a must in this day and age, especially if you want to make it in a field that is growing exponentially.  A business plan serves as a blueprint for your business – your plan for tackling the competition and making your mark in a very profitable and opportunistic industry.

Opportunities await – but only if you are prepared with the right strategy in place.  At India bazaar, we can deliver that strategy to you and help you make it with your new store.
Who We Are and What We Do
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We offer the following services:

Free store location analysis and assessment
Marketing plans and strategies for your business
Fixtures, equipment, point of sale systems, uses and functions
Assistance with negotiating commercial leases
Advertising campaigns tailored to your local area
And more
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One of the main purposes of a business plan is to satisfy any requirements for obtaining a loan from your bank or lending institution.  Banks have conditions that must be met; a strong and clear business plan can work wonders when it comes to securing the financial support you need.

You will also need a location, supply chain with national wholesalers, training and personnel plan, sales projections and forecasts, cost analyses, and other crucial components of a well-planned strategy.

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 India bazaar Store Wholesale Distributors: Finding the Right Network for Your Store
If you are in the  India bazaar store business or are planning to be,  India bazaar store wholesale distributors are very important to you and your operation. After all, you cannot have a India bazaar store without merchandise – especially if that merchandise costs you an arm and a leg. And if that merchandise is expensive for you, imagine how expensive it will be for your customers!

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Getting India bazaar  store items wholesale is the key to any successful business venture like a discount retail store. Do not leave your network of suppliers up to chance. Go with the pros and let them hook you up with the best in the business.
What is a Wholesale Distributor?
The key difference between a  India bazaar store and other full-price retail stores is value. The value is generated by offering solid products and a variety of choices at discount prices, so that your customers can shop to their heart’s content without breaking the bank.

To get the best deals on merchandise so you can still turn a profit but keep your customers coming in droves, you need to buy your products in bulk. India bazaar store wholesale distributors are suppliers whose job it is to ship the products you want to your store at a great price.

Everyone in the field uses them – from the mom-and-pop   India bazaar store on the corner to the major names, like   India bazaar Tree and India bazaar General.

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The Advantages of Working With Us

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Making the Call

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 India bazaar Store Merchandise:

   Where To Go For The Best Products Around

If you are looking for access to  India bazaar store merchandise, your search is over.
 India bazaar StoreFranchise offers access to the best networks of merchandise providers in the business – dedicated professionals who can offer you the hottest items at superb prices, guaranteed to send customers flocking to your store in droves.

 India bazaar stores are huge in this economy and will only continue to grow.  Breaking into this field means having professional connections with merchandise suppliers who understand the importance of good, solid products on your shelves.

The pros here at  India bazaar can give you an incredible advantage by using years of connections and experience to supply you with a reliable and trusted  India bazaar store merchandise supplier that is perfect for your business.

Keep reading to find out more about this great opportunity.

The Importance of High-Quality Merchandise

The retail industry lives and dies on merchandise.  If you sell what people want, at prices people can afford, you will make money and succeed.

If you sell what people want, but at prices they cannot afford – especially in this economy! – your business will suffer.

And if you sell what people can afford, but do not want, you will not make any money that way either.

This is why finding the best merchandise is vital. At  India bazaar, we help you obtain the best India bazaar store merchandise around by:

Finding merchandise that matches the local demand – giving you products that your customers actually need and want Having a developer select the top-performing products for your area Showing you how recent trends – such as with everyday household items – can make you enormous profits Helping you find a balance in your inventory so you offer a little of everything And more!

We have been there and have assisted many clients and entrepreneurs with finding solid merchandise and learning how to select, stock, and promote the right products in their stores.

Now, we offer that same assistance to you.
Finding India bazaar  Store Merchandise Wholesale
The real key to success with a  India bazaar store is not just finding any merchandise, though.  Even the best product can be unprofitable if it cannot reach your store in a timely and affordable manner.  And many products these days go through re-sellers who exist as middle-men – and take your money for essentially no service!

We can help you eliminate this annoying, profit-draining middle step by hooking you up with actual merchandise wholesalers.  You save money by getting your products from the source and pay only freight charges.

(And with our network of providers, you can find providers who are nearby for your  India bazaar store merchandise, which saves you a lot of money!)

At India bazaar, we understand the critical importance of a streamlined supply chain that is as short and convenient as possible.  We understand why that is so important to a India bazaar    store franchise.

More importantly, we understand how to make it happen.

( FIRST PART )  Tell me your interest. Do you like our business// partnership/ job offer?

So please fill      yes / no    



  Tell me your interest. Do you like our business offer?     Yes/no

1. Do you want open India bazaar store Retail store?


2. Do you want open India bazaar store   online store?


3. Do you want whole sale India bazaar store merchandise?


4. Do you want whole sale India bazaar store distributor?


5. Do you want open India bazaar store   Boutique?


6. Do you want open India bazaar store  shops?


7. Do you want open our India bazaar store sale counter?


8. Do you want work with India bazaar store product sale from our IBO catalogue?


9. Do you like Whole sale India bazaar store agent? 


(SECOND PART ) you can join us as 


Tell me your interest. Do you like our business partnership offer?     Yes/no

 10. Do you open India bazaar offices in your country? Offer only outside India


11. Can you join us as business partnership?


 12. Do you like India bazaar store Business consultant?


13. Do you like India bazaar store Sales Marketing?



India bazaar store Feasibility Study and Business Plan Services Details and Questionnaire

First thing required to start the Feasibility study is:

 1. Exact Location / If prospect does not have one, we shall provide 3 to 5 possible sites

2. Total Square feet. (what will appear on the lease/mortgage)

3. Land Size / Building Sq. Ft. / Dimensions

4. Rent / Mortgage / Loan amounts / Loan Duration / Interest Rate

binding unless agreed in writing. Handwritten changes to the Agreement shall have no force of effect.

5. If Rent applies, does the rent increase the following years (five year lease sometimes have % increase every year, nationwide average is about 3%)

7. Retail Space to be used.

8. Business Hours.

9. Manager Yearly Salary / Hourly Wages / Other

10. How many employees / hours / wages / Taxes of each

11. Monthly Insurance and Liability for the Store (Content and Slip and Fall, etc.)

12. Monthly Electricity

13. Monthly Telephone

14. Monthly Gas (if applicable; Winter month, and how many for an average)

15. Monthly Maintenance.

16. Credit Card Fee %

17. Monthly Maintenance / Repairs

18. Monthly Alarm system.

19. Monthly Store Supplies (i.e. cleaning, mopping, time sheet, etc.)

20. Monthly Advertising

21. Monthly Company Book-keeping/ Accounting / Yearly Tax W2

22. Annual Corporate Tax Filling / Permits / Licenses

23. Monthly Miscellaneous / Petty Cash.

24. Monthly Loan amounts / Loan Duration / Interest Rate



25. ALL Merchandise.

26. ALL Fixtures & Equipment (BRAND NEW or Used)Page 4 of 4 of Feasibility Study and Business Plan Services


27. Complete Surveillance System.

28. Store Opening Accessories Package.

29. Point Of Sale System (s).

30. Professional Store Sound System (installation included).

31. Complete Build Out Store Assembly/ Onsite training.

32. Outdoor Sign.






33. Rent Deposit, Land Purchase, Building Purchase, Building Construction. (What applies to this venture)

34. Office supplies.(i.e. office desk, chair, trash can, time clock, etc.)

35. Utilities deposit.

36. Telephone Line/s. 2 phone lines

37. Insurance, Liability.

38. Repairs / Renovation.

39. Operating cash.

40. Legal fees / services.

41. Architect.

42. Inventory Data Entry.

43. Grand Opening Advertising.

44. Fixtures Freight.



Information to edit in the Business Plan to fit the location criteria:

45. Store Name and Address

46. Company Ownership

47. Legal form of ownership: Sole proprietor, Partnership, Corporation, Limited liability corporation (LLC)?

48. Management Team information (One or Two Paragraphs)

a. What background experience, skills, and strengths do you personally bring to this new venture?

b. Who will manage the business on a day-to-day basis?

c. What experience does that person bring to the business?

d. What special or distinctive competencies?

e. Is there a plan for continuation of the business if this person is lost or incapacitated?

49. Competition

50. Team information (One or Two Paragraphs)

51. Financial Plan

Upon completion, all documents will be sent for review.

Upon approval a hard copy will be printed and via Fed-Ex to Prospect.

Our Services include:

a) Projections Estimate Template (Microsoft Excel format) includes also a 2 to 3 hours conference call to review all data. For example Payroll, Payroll Taxes, Rent, Accounting, Advertising, Auto, Contract Labor, Dues / Franchise Fees, Equipment, Insurances, Legal Fees, Licenses, Others, Office, Supplies, Telephone, Utilities, etc will be reviewed.

b) Business Plan (Microsoft word format) includes also a 1 to 2 hour conference call to review all data. These include Mission/Vision, Company, Summary, Products, Market Analysis Summary, Competition / Competitors in the area, Operations Plan, Financial Plans, Critical Risks, etc.

c) Complete Demographic Analysis of the area for Store & Merchandise.

d) Survey of Potential locations for a general merchandise store.

e) Upon Securing the location; merchandise information, pricing, catalogs and full merchandise breakdowns according to store location and demographics will be sent.

The Questionnaire we need will ask for:

- Location Address.

- Total Square feet. (What will appear on the lease/rent or mortgage in case building will be purchased?)

- Rent / Mortgage / Loan dollar amounts.

- Store type (i.e. 1 Dollar India bazaar Store/ 1,2&3 Dollar India bazaar Store/  and Dollar India bazaar   Plus, / Dollar International Big India bazaar and More), for the profit margin scenarios:

When information has been received we will schedule the first conference within 72 hours.

The following is a sample of what will be covered during the Conference calls.

A) Start-up Cost information (as detailed on our site too):

1- ALL Merchandise.

2- ALL Fixtures & Equipment (BRAND NEW or Used)

3- Complete Surveillance / Camera System.

4- Store Opening Accessories Package.

5- Point Of Sale System (s).

6- Professional Store Sound System (installation included).

7- Complete Build Out Store Assembly/ Onsite training for store operations and ordering.

8- Outdoor Sign.

…and 11 more details to cover all costs completely.

B) The information we need for the projections estimates will be:

1- Store Address.

2- Store Total Sq. Ft. (What will show on the lease)

3- Retail Space to be used (square feet).

4- If Rent applies, does the rent increase the following years ? (i.e. five year leases sometimes have a % increase every year, nationwide average is about 3% per year).

5- Business Hours store will open and we will suggest those too.

6- Manager Yearly Salary or Hourly. Will owner work too ? or have employees ??

7- How many employees, hours and wages of each.

…and 11 More questions also to be covered.

C) And for the India bazaar store Business Plan text content itself:

1- What background experience, skills, and strengths do you personally bring to this new venture?

2- Legal form of ownership: is the store a Sole proprietor, Partnership, Corporation, Limited liability corporation (LLC)?

3- Who will manage the business on a day-to-day basis?

3.1 What experience does that person bring to the business?

3.2 What special or distinctive competencies make this management unique?

3.3 Is there a plan for continuation of the business if this person is lost or incapacitated?

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