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Children's books are excellent items to stock in your dollar store. Parents will thank you for having an inexpensive treat they can buy for their kids that will keep them entertained and won't rot their teeth! There is a wide variety of children's books for you to consider.
Your basic stock, of course, will be small, single-story books in board covers or paperbacks. For toddlers, alphabet books, counting books, books about farm animals and dinosaurs are highly popular. Tie-ins from Sesame Street, Disney, or any of the many animated movies are always good sellers.
For babies, board books are the way to go. (The pages are made of heavy cardboard to withstand rough handling.) A great type of novelty is foam books, made to be read in the bathtub! Treasuries, which are collections of a particular type of story, such as fairy tales, are a real bargain. You should also have a good supply of activity books, such as coloring books, sticker books, puzzle books and the like. Be sure to display these prominently during the summer and at holiday times, when families are likely to be making road trips.
To stock these and other items for your  
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