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                                  Back to School                                                                                       

Back to School is becoming one of the most important seasons in the India bazaar  Store/Discount Store business. Store owners are very aware that strong “Back to School” sales provide the capital to pay for Christmas merchandise. We supply a complete line of  India bazaar  Store Back to School products including notebooks, stationary, visual aids, calculators, portfolios, pens, highlighters, glue, etc.


New Arrivals  


Art Pads & Craft                                                                                                               

Binders and Notebooks

Books & Coloring Books  

Household Items  

Office & School Supplies 


Pens & Markers                                              


Toys and Games                          



 New Arrivals 

Enclosed are some New  India bazaar Store Office and School Products, new arrivals. These are items that apply too to the Back to School section which has been growing in popularity among  India bazaar  stores nationwide. We are getting more and more positive feedback with the entire Stationary line in the last years and we intend to keep expanding it to increase sales numbers. 

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