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    India bazaar Store operator

Seven Key Services    

 1. Financing Assistance

2.  Our Finance department thoroughly evaluates each client’s credit profile to determine a solid funding path.

    Then we will contact the client to discuss and review the findings.

3.  We have an authorized network of preferred lenders to handle every level of risk.

4.  We have helped hundre ds of clients secure financing, we are experts in getting the best financing deals.

5.  We also have an in-house credit repair staff that can work with clients with lower FICO scores.

6.  If a client has a credit score of 650 or higher our in-house credit repair department can probably help them improve

    their score and acquire the funding they need.


2. Site Location Assistance

Selecting the site of your business can be a challenge. Our site locators provide you maximum information and reserach on select sites.

Site Locators Research Local Retail Locations

1. Staff of 5 Professional Site Location Specialists find all available business locations in the client’s marketplace.
2. Site locators call and email every landlord and broker in the desired city to determine what locations are available.
3. Our grading system analyzes each location based on visibility, demographics, population and household income, traffic counts at key intersections and distance to competition.
4. When a site passes our scrutiny and receives the proper grade we ask the client to evaluate it. If they approve of the site we will then negotiate the lease agreement on behalf of our clients.

3.Negotiating Your Lease Agreement

We Use Leasing Managers Who Work For You, Not Commissions

1. ey will earn the highest commission. This is not in We have a staff of 5 full time commercial leasing managers that work at our corporate office.
2. Our leasing managers are intensely aggressive in negotiating the absolute best deal for business owners and have completed leases for over 2,400 retail for all concepts.
3. Each of our leasing managers work a specific area of the country and have developed relationships with a large number of landlords helping us to get tougher, more challenging deals done, when others can not.
4. We NEVER outsource the site location or lease negotiation process to independent brokers. Quite often an independent broker is more interested in showing their own listings to clients where ththe client’s best interest.
5. We negotiate 17 different provisions for EVERY lease, which is incredible and leads our industry.

4.Complete Build Out of Your Retail Location

What is Store Build Out?

1. Discount Retail Store Services offers a complete business development package which includes sending our experienced and professional staff out to build your business.
2. Build Out includes everything from assembling fixutres to stocking the store, everything needed to get your doors open.
3. Once you have received the keys to your space, and it is ready for occupancy, and we have received your final payment, your business will be open for business within 30 days.

5.Comprehensive Training

1. We apply the experience gained from opening over 2,400 stores since 1992 to your training.
2. We make every effort to make sure that every owner receives the most detailed and extensive training possible.
3. We personalize your training to focus most heavily on the areas most important to you and your business.
4. Our training program is conducted over a total of 8 weeks, and tailored to your individual schedule.
5. We begin with phone training followed by 2-3 days of classroom training.
6. Our in-house training will cover every aspect of business, from billing and customer service, to membership sales and retention, to administrative skills such as loss prevention and payroll, and much more.

6.Wholesale Merchandise Network

1. We Provide Value, Variety, and New Merchandise which are the keys to our merchandise program.
2. Because our network of stores is so large, our suppliers ship “inner packs” to our stores. Which means our suppliers will ship as little as 12 or 24 pieces of an item.
3. Our business owners have much greater variety with the least amount of inventory dollars, ensuring quick turnover and a constantly changing merchandise assortment.

7.Ongoing Training and Support

1. When formal training is complete, clients work directly with our New Owner Supervisor, who will assist the owner with monitoring membership sales and maintaining inventory levels and salary cost.
2. We will always be available to address any questions or issues you may have, even after you have completed the initial training process.
3. We will also assist you in placing orders from the right suppliers at the right time, source requested products, and will constantly evaluate your sales by category, recommending changes to your merchandise plan as your store matures.
4. We will be in contact with you on a weekly basis, reviewing new suppliers and product offerings, making sure you are fully merchandised and set for each selling season, sourcing new products, and interfacing with our supplier network on your behalf.


We provide every critical service needed to get your independent frozen yogurt store open and on the pathway to long-term success. Our comprehensive package covers these 8 vital factors:

1. Financing Assistance: We routinely open stores for people who believed they had no chance to secure funding. “


2. Site Location Assistance and Lease Negotiation: inding the right location for a store and then negotiating the

  commercial lease requires skill and experience. We maintain relationships with leasing agents and landlords from

  coast to coast.


3. Complete Store Design and Build-Out Service: We install and set up everything for you. When our Build-Out Supervisor’s

   job is completed,   we hand over the keys and you are in business!


 4. High Quality Yogurt, Equipment and Ingredient Supplier Network: You have full access to our extensive supplier network

    for the life of your business. That means you'll be able to provide the very best product available – based on our

    discounted cost.


5. State-of-the-Art Training: 90% of small businesses that fail, do so because of lack of skills and knowledge on the

   part of the owner. Our training and support is designed to completely eliminate the lack-of-experience factor.


6. New Store Operations Assistance: We assign a New Store Specialist to help you through the critical first 60 days

   of operation.


7. Ongoing Wholesale/ Customer Support: After your first 60 days, a Support Representative will be permanently assigned

   to work with  you for the life of your store. From purchasing and personnel to operations and security – we've seen and

   solved them all.


8. Advertising and Marketing Support: Better understanding of how to sell to your customers means that more of them

   will be walking through  your doors. We show you how to get the word out.


   INDIA BAZAAR STORE   you a complete turnkey store package at cost price. Our services

   should not be confused with the numerous telemarketing companies that have been formed over the years that will offer you

   a store at much higher prices, with much less inventory and negligible, if any, customer service. We enable you to get

   your merchandise direct from the warehouse.

   Pennies count in this business. The savings you get from dealing with us can possibly be difference of your store making a


   living or not making any money at all.



 . Includes all merchandise and opening inventory needed for your store in all the categories and departments (we will

   try and fit as much merchandise and the widest variety (small amounts per item of): Baby Items + Pet Items, Aroma+Fragance,

   Balloons + Accessories,

   Children Books, Candles + holders + gift items, Cell Phones Accessories, Consumables, Cosmetics+Displays,

   General Merchandise, Gift  Bags + Stationery, Silk Flowers+Displays, Greeting Card Program + Racks, Jewelry+Hair Access

   +Racks,   Kitchenware Program, General Linen + decorative linen, Party Items+displays+accessories, Seasonal Items -

   all Holidays, Sun & Reading Glasses, Toys&Complete Category,  Novelties-Nick Nacks-Accessories, Clothing- socks- underwear,

   Stickers + Magnets   + Display Racks, Prepaid Phone Cards All Candy + Candy Program, Snacks, Cleaning items, Health and

   Beauty, Paper Products, Pharmaceuticals, Disposables Beauty Aids, Household Chemicals, and Soaps.


    ALL Fixtures & Equipment (BRAND NEW)

    Prices for the fixtures and equipment necessary to ideally fill the space may vary due to the dimensions (width and length)

    of the store. Some end cap (corner) stores have large windowed area running along one of the sides; some older locations

    have supporting bars or other obstructions in the selling area. In any case, India bazaar store. can prepare a detailed

    layout for you to illustrate the best way to maximize your selling area.

    To insure the maximum success of your business, your store must be designed to make the best use of your available space.

    Once our store deign team receives your exact store dimensions, they will carefully layout your store with the appropriate

    store fixtures, taking into account maximum functionality and aesthetic appearance. Buckstore customers get the fixtures

    at cost price, directly from the manufacturer. When available, high quality pre-owned fixtures are also available at

    lower prices.

    This includes the Complete Fixtures package needed for you store: Gondola Shelving and Sections - varying sizes.

    Slatwall Hooks-varying sizes. Pegboard Hooks- varying sizes. Slatwall Panels 4’ x 8’ Mel.  Hand Basket Sets with stand.

    Small Slatwall Baskets. Large Slatwall Baskets. New Shopping Carts. (store name in handle)-varying sizes Shelf Fencing

    Fronts- varying sizes.

    Shelf Dividers- varying sizes. Endless Baskets. 4’ and 3’ for Attachment to Gondola  Wire Dump Bins. Triangle Grid

    Displays with Hooks. Security domes. Balloon base cabinet with Adj. Shelves.-based on store size. Custom and modular



    A cash Register

    A register such as The ER-5215M cash register is a cost-effective ECR with built-in flexibility to serve a wide range

    of retail applications.


    Programmable options let you enforce the appropriate level of security for your business. Among many options, you

    can control coupons, discounts, voids, refunds, cancels and negative sales. Plus, the Samsung ER-5215M cash register

    provides strict cash control with enforced closed drawer and an open drawer alarm.


    With the registers hard or soft check tracking system, items can be posted to a check or an account. With the soft

    check option, the Samsung ER-5215M cash register keeps the entire transaction in memory; only the balance is stored

    with the hard check option.

    Items can be added as necessary, and later the entire transaction can be printed at the receipt printer

    (or at an optional guest check printer) for presentation to the customer and payment. Or if you prefer to

    shop around for any other type of register, your are more than welcome to do so.


  This includes the Complete Fixtures package needed for you store:

   Gondola Shelving and Sections - varying sizes.

   Slatwall Hooks-varying sizes.

   Pegboard Hooks- varying sizes.

   Slatwall Panels 4’ x  8’ Mel.

   Hand Basket Sets with stand.

   Small Slatwall Baskets.

   Large Slatwall Baskets.

   New Shopping Carts. (store name in handle)-varying sizes

   Shelf Fencing Fronts- varying sizes.

   Shelf Dividers- varying sizes.

   Endless Baskets.  4’ and 3’ for Attachment to Gondola

   Wire Dump Bins.

   Triangle Grid Displays with Hooks.

   Security domes. 

   Balloon base cabinet with Adj. Shelves.-based on store size.

   Custom and modular counters.

   To insure the maximum success of your business, your store must be designed to make the best use of your available


    Once our store deign team receives your exact store dimensions, they will carefully layout your store with the appropriate

    store fixtures, taking into account maximum functionality and aesthetic appearance.  India bazaar store customers get the

 India bazaar Store manage by SOHAM GROUPS







BUYING AGENT&  Manufacturers' Representatives & India bazaar Store operator




Our team is experienced, knowledgeable, and committed to providing you the most

        complete and professional inspection service





Shipment inspection program consists of:


Pre-Production Checks (PPC)


Material, components, labels, user manual, etc. are checked before processing in order to reduce the risk that insufficient

or substandard supplier available


Initial Production Check (IPC)


IPC is a service that enables to ascertain conformity to basic product specification. The inspection minimum requirement is

that at least 10% of the articles have been produced.


During Production Check (DUPRO)


DUPRO is a service that enables to ascertain the initial discrepancies have been rectified and to check the average

workmanship quality. The inspection minimum requirement is that at least 30% to 50% of the articles have been produced.


Final Random Inspection (FRI)


FRI is a service that enables to ascertain the quality, quantity, and packaging of the purchase order. The inspection minimum

requirements are that 100% of the articles have been produced and at least 80% of the articles in finally packed.


Loading Supervision (L/S)

This intervention can be added to ensure that the goods checked at the Final Random Inspection are those being shipped.

Containers are inspected for cleanliness and suitability, and also to ensure that the lot being shipped is suitably packed

and in its entirety. Finally, containers are secured with seals after loading.




Too often, consignments which failed the first inspection, but passed re-inspection, remain of unsatisfactory quality

and lead to complains. It is therefore crucial to check specifically whether manufactures have actually improved /

resorted the consignment after the initial failed inspection.




Pre-production Inspection



1) A visual check on the quality of components, materials, and finished products at the beginning of production

against client's specifications and /or reference sample


2) The PPI thus permits timely corrections and improvements before the mass production is initiated; any non-conformity is

immediately reported so as to avoid delay in shipment


a) Evaluate the production capability and equipments in the factory

b) Check factory's quality control ability and executive status

c) Check the accuracy of production facilities and equipments

d) Evaluate production techniques and make sure the reasonable layout of factory QC person

e) Check the quantity and quality of raw materials and main components that will be used in your products, foreseeing

any possible problems to avoid them, verifying that your product specifications are being met early

f) Recommendation


 During Production Inspection



1) A visual check on the quality of components, material, semi-finished and finished products when at least 20%-30%

of the order has been completed


2) Debt-Inspection randomly inspects the production batch and those products in the line for possible defects


3) If any should occur, Debt-Inspection identifies the deviation and provides advices on the corrective measures that

are necessary to ensure a uniform batch quality and a quality product


a) Evaluate the production status during the manufacturing process

b) Randomly inspect the finished samples on-site and compare them with your product specifications

c) According to the evaluated status of finished and semi-finished samples, rearrange the QC layout in the factory

d) Evaluate the packing details and packing material

e) Check the accuracy of production equipments and disposal methods for defective goods

f) Recommendation


 Pre-Shipment Inspection



1) It takes place when the merchandise is 100% completed, packed and ready for shipment


2) Our inspectors draw some samples from finished goods, based on statistical random sampling technique, commonly known

as ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, MIL-STD-105E, BS6001, DIN40080, ISO2859 or NFX06-022


3) We check on quantity, workmanship, color, style, function, size specification, packing details, label and etc. to

verify than the finished shipping lots conform to your specification


4) The ordinary procedure is as follows:


a) Quantity check

b) Sampling

c) Compare with submitted samples/PO information/specification/instruction manual

d) Workmanship (here, an acceptable quality level is adopted which sets a numerical limit for the acceptance of defects

in the sampled lot based on critical, major or minor problems

e) Data measurement (including function test)

f) Packing

g) Shipping mark

Loading Supervision


Our inspectors will reach factories, warehouse, loading place to check product's information, quality, and package when

loading, supervise the whole loading process and help manufacturer finish loading under correct and clear working clauses

and working process:


1) Record the weather/arrival time of container/container no./truck no.


2) Check the inner and outer condition to see whether there is any damage/wet/hole/peculiar smell


3) Check the quantity of goods loaded and record the condition of outer packaging (master cartons/pallets)


4) Randomly draw and open some cartons to verify that the goods meet with customer's specification


5) Supervise the whole loading process


6) Record the seal No. and departure time of container







We provide Quality Control, Factory Audit, Assembly& Packaging,

Sourcing, Warehouse, Trading Agent services in india.




Ecommerce support via internet, such as Translation; Graph/Flash Design; Website Creation; Multimedia

CD-Rom Development; Shopping Website etc.

The Price is half of your side.



Evaluation of Manufacturing Capacity


We Perform an on-site check about factory's manufacturing capacity including the actual conditions of workshop, production

 As default, we uses general inspection level II, special inspection level S1, Acceptable Quality Level

(AQL) 0/2.5/4.0 of critical, major, minor defect.


For example, we have a lot of 12000 units to inspect. According to table 1, "M" is right sample size

code for general inspection level II. Therefore in table 2, we pick "315" as M's corresponding sample size. So the allowed

maximum number of defective unit is as follows:


Critical Defect 0; Major Defect 14; Minor Defect: 21.


In other words, if the number of critical defective units is more than 0, or major defective units is more than 14, or

minor defective units is more than 21, the lot has to be rejected.


How to choice Level I, Level II, or Level III?


Generally, Level II is used for consumer products, but if you think the product is expensive and need check more samples, you

can choice Level III, otherwise you can choice Level I.

How to choice AQL 2.5, 4.0 or others?

Generally, 0 for Critical,2.5 for Major, 4.0 for Minor. But if you think the product is expensive and should be checked

strictly,you can choice 1.5 or smaller number for Major and Minor, otherwise, you can choice bigger number. The smaller,

the stricter.





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