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Kids love toys, but parents cringe when they enter retail toy stores. They know that the prices of toys have skyrocketed, and few parents can afford to buy all of the toys their children want. Here at  India bazaar   Store Merchandise, we have the wholesale inventory that can make your  India bazaar   store an affordable haven for parents and party-goers.
Like almost all of our other wholesale dollar store merchandise, including tools and vitamins, we offer these items for pennies on the dollar. Our inventory includes perennial favorites such as dinosaurs, wrestling figurines, superheroes, and cops-and-robber sets. We have zoo animals, fashion dolls, beads, and play jewelry sets. For boys and girls, toddlers and older kids, we have a wide and appealing toy selection at prices your customers will thank you for.
With selections and prices like these, any one of your customers can create a generous and exciting birthday party or Christmas morning. Day care providers can stock up their toy boxes, and teachers can supply classroom prizes that are well within even a teacher's salary. Grandparents on a fixed income will appreciate the opportunity to surprise their grandkids with a treat on the weekend.
India bazaar  Store Merchandise dot com gives  India bazaar   store  180 pages of toys to choose from. Muscle cars and auto racing are all the rage right now, with kids and adults alike, and we even offer these hot race-related items at outrageously low prices. You can have a complete mini toy-store in your shop and attract family business.




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