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To insure the maximum success of your business, your store must be designed to make the best use of your available space. Once our store design team receives your exact store dimensions, they will carefully layout your store with the appropriate store fixtures, taking into account maximum functionality and aesthetic appearance.  India bazaar  store customers get the fixtures at cost price, directly from the manufacturer. When available, high quality pre-owned fixtures are also available at lower prices. Complete India bazaar   Store Fixtures Package needed for you store includes: Gondola Shelving and Sections (varying sizes available). Slatwall Hooks, Pegboard Hooks, Slatwall Panels 4’ x 8’ Melamine, Hand Basket Sets with stand, Small Slatwall Baskets, large Slatwall Baskets, Brand New Shopping Carts (store name can be affixed on handle), Shelf Fencing Fronts, Shelf Dividers, Endless Baskets 4’ and 3’ for Attachment to Gondola, wire Dump Bins, Triangle Grid Displays with Hooks, Security domes, Balloon base cabinet with Adjacent Shelves (based on store size). Custom and modular counters.

Key Categories 

   Counters and Showcases 


   Glass Display Systems

Grid Panels and Accessories 


International Shelving Systems 


Merchandising Systems and Wire Shelving System 

     Retail Accessories 


     Shelves, Baskets and Bins 



 Slatwall Displays and Accessories 



   Back Room Shelving








  Fixtures Counters and Showcases  

 Fixtures Glass Display Systems  

  Fixtures Grid Panels and Accessories  

    Fixtures International Shelving Systems  


   Fixtures Merchandising Systems and Wire Shelving System  


  Fixtures Retail Accessories  

 Fixtures Shelves, Baskets and Bins  

   Fixtures Slatwall Displays and Accessories  

  Back Room Shelving

Our Heavy Duty shelving utilizes double rivet beams to increase capacities. This boltless design
allows for shelving to be adjusted every 1-1/2" and are accessible from all four sides. These units are
available with or without 5/8" particle board shelving. Available Color: Gray.

Our Multi-Purpose shelving utilizes our low profile single rivet beams to maximize available
storage space. This boltless design allows for shelving to be adjusted every 1-1/2" and are
accessible from all four sides. Standard shelf utilizes 5/8" industrial grade particle board decking.
Available with or without particle board shelving. Available Color: Gray.



We are the Retail Fixtures specialists! We offer systems compatible with the nice brand. We carry a large inventory of slatwall and gridwall Fixtures and accessories in all sizes, custom-designed or standard economy showcases, checkout counters, shopping carts, hooks, baskets, etc. Customized Layouts and estimates are ALWAYS FREE. Call us with your store measurements and we'll be glad to do a layout and let you know what you need.

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