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It's the novelty items that add color and fun to your India Bazaar    store's inventory. These aren't must-haves, like housewares or clothing, but they appeal to people of all ages and are often thrown into a shopping basket on the spur of the moment. How many times do people go to a shop for toilet paper or light bulbs, only to find the perfect toy for a grandchild or a darling key chain for a best friend? These are the items that people don't know they want until they see them, and then they can't get enough.
Some of the novelty items we carry here at
India Bazaar  Store Merchandise include key chains, stickers, fun magnets, seasonal decorations, and more. It's possible to offer a wide variety of these items while still maintaining a clean and orderly store, especially if you pay attention to how each item is displayed. Sunglasses look great on our revolving floor racks, and our greeting cards and inspirational scrolls look attractive in our card display.
"Novelty items" can even include gorgeous silk flowers, of which we sell a varied and colorful assortment. One 12-foot section of wall space in your 
India Bazaar store can be transformed into an elegant "floral shop," and the display rack and flowers can be purchased as one, low-priced kit. Keeping up with the latest hobbies and decor trends can keep the customers, and the money, flowing into your India Bazaar  store. Other novelty items include mini-flashlights, mending kits and sparkly hair accessories. Decorative mugs, candles and figurines can also be highlighted at the end of an aisle or near the front counter. Keeping your store's inventory moving is easy when you have a resource such as India Bazaar  Store Merchandise, where we bring you all of the hottest sellers, and we also support the success of your business.


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