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 India bazaar Store 
Franchise is ZERO
Franchises provide a opportunity for business people, allowing them to own a piece of a business that is already a proven success. If you own a India bazaar store franchise, you ll have the good fortune of capitalizing on an existing name that is already known and trusted by many. However, you ll want to make sure your particular India bazaar store franchise is well run and well stocked, from the very first day it opens. Also, India bazaar Store Franchises are more expensive than doing an Independent India bazaar Store.
The power of your store s good name and reputation only extends so far. Owning a recognizable franchise will draw customers to you a first time, but only great customer service, exceptional prices, and terrific merchandise will keep these customers coming back for more.
India bazaar Store Merchandise is a leading resource for those entrepreneurs who own India bazaar store franchises, as well as those entrepreneurs who own only a single India bazaar store. Whether you re in charge of one store or 100 stores, Store Merchandise have exactly the merchandise you need, located in one convenient, reliable, and well-known place. For our customers who own many stores, we proudly suggest our Indian imports. These imports, direct from India, are perfect for owners or managers in charge of stocking numerous stores. The minimum orders are too high for folks who only own a store or two, but they are ideal for owners of multiple India bazaar Store franchise.
 Due to the increasing popularity of the India Bazaar store business there has been an ever increasing number of new entrepreneurs interested in starting up their own India Bazaar store .Various store franchise companies have recently come into the market trying to capitalize on this growing phenomenon. Unlike some franchises, which offer a lot of advantages to the franchisee, the India Bazaar store franchise companies are basically set up companies. They put up stores, provide a list of suppliers and leave their franchisees pretty much on their own India Bazaar store .franchise companies charge franchise fees and royalties without providing advertising campaigns, name recognition and quality standards like other franchise companies. An India Bazaar store franchise is the royalties must pay on items sold. The Royalty fees (usually ranging from 4% to 7%) . India Bazaar store, does not offer franchises. No franchise fees. Our goal is to provide the best options at the lowest prices, and the Store is yours 100% and you can purchase merchandise from anyone you want anytime
Term and Conditions:
If you are interested to join with INDIA BAZAAR you must follow some simple terms and conditions.
1. The company name should always be named as India bazaar store, in terms we permit you can keep the initial of your name, company name, city name, and country India bazaar store (Stephen), India bazaar store (Holland), India bazaar store (Toronto), India bazaar store (john &john co.)
2. Minimum order must be started from 3000$.
3. The minimum order that you had place should be paid with 100% in advance.
4. We charge sample charges if the company ask for it.
5. Our minimum yearly service charges Q.C & consolidation is $1925. We do not charge for franchises.
6. The royalty fees 4% to 7% , India Bazaar store franchises is the royalties must pay on items sold
   We provide Free Sample, Free Tours to Suppliers & Manufacture for new visitors to India for registered business partner buyers.
Registered business partner means first you get registered in our website, then you had to pay 1925 $ as registration charges as a fees, and also this registration fees as minimum yearly service charge.
 So then we will give you 750$ amount free samples and also free business tour.
 As to visit manufacturers and artisans set up. You can choose sample from manufacturer products as we will give you without any charges which will be maximum 750$. If more, you had to pay. This product market value is two times. This registration is profitable for you.
This registration amount will goes to tours and suppliers sample
Tailor made tour itinerary - Arrival point at Delhi or Jodhpur,     Orientation meeting to collect course materials.
10 day workshop and buying trip to India.
Discover what it means to really enjoy running a business.
Personal introductions to suppliers and buying agents.
Develop expertise as an importer and buyer.
     (1) The items you see on our product list
are directly from the suppliers and have
been vetted for competitive pricing.         
Add in the cost of the goods
  (2) Your order will need packing protection
for shipping to the Port of Destination
 Add in the packing cost
 ((3) As your Buying agent we oversee
every detail of your order.
 Add in the Agent Fee
 (4) Finally, we appoint a shipping line to
deliver your goods.
Add in freight cost to your Country.
The above information is intended to illustrate a step by step guide to the ordering process
Quotations for our Freight, packing and agent fees are available on request
Simply send us your proposed order and we will provide you with a complete quotation
 Remember we will need details of your nearest port of destination
 Air freight
Charged by Airlines as per Volumetric weight
3-5 day delivery Best for garments & samples
LCL Shipment ( Less than Container Load)
Charged as per Cubic meter
Good for ordering small quantities
Documentation costly for the 1st Cubic meter. 5 week delivery
FCL 20 foot ( Full Container Load) Volume 28-32 Cm
A Cost effective choice for Shipping
Delivery 4-5 weeks Depending on the Port of Destination
FCL 40 foot ( Full Container Load) Volume 56 - 60 Cbm
A Cost effective choice for Shipping
Delivery 4-5 weeks Depending on the Port of Destination
Large capital outlay for stock
 Our desktop ordering service enables buyers to
make purchases directly from the suppliers in India.
We source product from a wide variety of producers,
Each manufacturer producing their own unique specialty.
 India bazaar store operator & developer acts as a bridge between the
Supplier and the buyer.
Our task is to order the products, monitor its progress,
Quality control the finished products, pack and finally
dispatch the products to their final destination.
  How it Works........
Once your order has been confirmed by us, we will be requesting a deposit of 40% of the list value of the goods ordered.
Payment can be made either through a bank transfer or personally through our office in
  INDIA JODHPUR  We will furnish our bank details as soon as your order is placed. There are three options available for delivering your goods :
(1) Full container load (FCL)
(2) Less than container load (LCL) Cost per cubic meter
For quotations to your country please remember to give us the port of delivery
The terms and conditions are intended to assist as a guideline
and to further clarify the responsibilities of all parties involved
The ordering process begins immediately following 40% of the funds for goods being received by  INDIA BAZAAR STORE .
This will also include Letters of credit orders.
(A full outline & explanation regarding deposits for LOC orders can be obtained on request.)
2. Letter of credit customers will be required to take out an “All risk” insurance policy and must be responsible for the cost of their insurance arrangements.
3.New visitors to INDIA :
A. Tours to suppliers for new visitors to india
  will only be carried out by     india bazaar store   on the understanding that there is a serious intention to conduct business.
Please note: Complimentary airport pickups are only available for our regular customers, providing adequate notice is given.
B. All visitors after having completed their tours with our Sourcing team, must place their orders prior to departing from india or leave a sufficient deposit in order to demonstrate their intention to continue doing business with
  india bazaar store ( See section 6 for special exceptions)
4. Sourcing tours will only be conducted on the understanding that an order for either an airfreight ,LCL or FCL container will be placed at
the conclusion of the tour.
5. No preview or sampling tours with a view to possibly conducting full tours are available.
6. Customers who are still undecided as to the volumes or quantities required to complete their orders and are wishing to place their orders at a later date are free to do so, providing adequate funds are placed with us to cover the deposit amount required for an average air freight LCL or FCL Shipment.
7. india bazaar store must be informed of any other parties involved in either the assisting of services, buying products or other activities out side the scope of the india bazaar store agency.
8. Goods remaining with  india bazaar store
  for more than two months:
A. india bazaar store  cannot be responsible for the depreciation or damage to goods due to prolonged periods of storage.
B. As a result of a container being filled to capacity and goods are left behind, india bazaar store  
     will offer free storage for a maximum of two months. Any special requirements or arrangements must first be discussed with the management.
C. Any goods that remain in storage with  
 india bazaar store      for more than a two month period may incur a storage cost metered by the cubic meter.
9. Shipping delivery schedules
A. In order for  india bazaar store
   to meet the shipping delivery schedules, customers will be required to transfer the balance of funds on time..
B. The request for the balance of funds to be payed will be made approximately 7-10 days prior to the collection of orders from suppliers.
C. The consequence for any delays in the receiving of the funds will result in the shipping deliveries being rescheduled. Orders may be cancelled and any
deposits will be forfeited to the suppliers if the funds are not transferred within a one month period following our request for payment.
D. G   india bazaar store will take in to account any extenuating circumstances.
10. There are four parties involved throughout the process of the Sourcing, ordering and delivery of indian products
Namely: The Buying Agency, The manufacturer, The shipper and The Freight container lines
The supply of services ,goods, packing preparation and the freight delivery are all separate entities.
A. The  india bazaar store   buying agency is responsible for the sourcing, ordering and quality controlling of all goods.
The Manufacturer is responsible for the Manufacturing. Any defects are the responsibility of the manufacturer .
The shipping & Packing company is responsible for the packing preparation, fumigation and export documentation.
The delivery of goods is the responsibility of the container /freight line.
B. Any defects in product should be reported to india bazaar store  
       within seven days of receiving the shipment.
C. Any claim for damages must be supported by photographic evidence.
11. The Shipping documents (Bill of Lading) will be forwarded to the customer via courier service following the payment for freight and goods.
The Bill of Lading will be despatched 10 days prior to shipment arriving at port destination.
12 . All goods remain the property of  india bazaar store   until paid for in full.
The supply and purchase of goods via our agent service and the freight forwarding delivery are two separate services. Although the Freight and shipping companies are appointed by it india bazaar store is the sole responsibility of the Freight company to safely deliver your goods.
There are two types of insurance cover available
(1) Insurance cover included in the cost of the shipping. The insurance offered by the shipping line only covers a limited liability. It covers liability in the event of the vessel or container being lost at sea or if the containers is damaged or defective resulting in damage to your goods. Full details of total liabilities can be obtained from the shipping line
(2)) Additional insurance cover
A comprehensive insurance cover by a independent broker is available at a premium of 1.5% of the cost of goods.
Breakages & Claims
Claims for breakages or damages can be made to the freight forwarding company.
Claims can be made through our office at  india bazaar store india bazaar store will deal with all claims on the customer’s behalf.
1. Please refer to the copy of the Bill of Lading for terms & conditions
2. Additional insurance cover is available please ask for further details
3. A full inventory of damaged & broken goods must be submitted to our
 india bazaar store office within seven days of receiving your shipment.
4. All damaged goods must be supported by photographic evidence A. The photographic Services are a separate service from the Buying agency.
B. Studio sessions are charged as per day.
C. This charge includes the use of all equipment and facilities.
D. The separate use of Studio equipment is also charged as per day.
E. Information regarding equipment and facilities for hire will be issued on request.
F. A cost estimate will be issued on the completion of a story board and assessment of the subject matter.
( Product samples will require an assessment at the Studio before issuing any estimates)
G. India bazaar store will require a 30% deposit of the cost estimate before commencing with the shoot
 Please note:
What is your minimum order?
Only USD 300.00; except any customize items or any printed bags or apparel items.
What are your production capacities?
It is very difficult to say the exact production capacity of the unit, as the product is a cottage industry product, and most of the work is hand crafted.
There is a huge variation in design to design also. But we always try to give it an industrial approach, by making a good production, execution, team, and setting some production parameters.
On an average, in a month, we can produce.........
a) 80,000 to 100,000 Pieces of a single design; depending on item and design;
b) 60,000 Pieces of assorted designs.

Can you handle bulk productions?
For jewelry, Beads, Incense sticks/cones, wooden items, handicrafts, Bags etc, Apart from our Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, Saharanpur unit, where we have 145 artisans and executives, we have about 6-8 production centers in villages near by the factories. Each production center has about 125 to 150 artisans who are well groomed and equipped to handle any big orders. Each production center is well connected and equipped with production facilities.
Do you have in house production capabilities?
Yap, off course, this is our USP. The following is the list of our in hose production activities,
1. Designing and production of sterling silver jewelry..... (Our Jaipur factory)
2. Designing and production of costume jewelry..... (Our Delhi & Jaipur factory)
3. Electro plating, polishing, antiquing, lacquering..... (Delhi’s vendor factory; Tie-up & Supervision)
4. Semiprecious beads making..... (Jaipur vendor’s factory; Tie-up and Supervision)
5. Glass beads making..... (Firozabad vendor’s factory; Tie-up and Supervision)
6. Bone bead making..... (Ghaziabad vendor’s factory; Tie-up and Supervision)
7. Jute & Cotton bags….(Our Kolkata factory)
8. Bag dying, lamination and printing…(Our Kolkata ancillary unit; Tie up & Supervision)
9. Incense sticks & Cones…(Our Delhi factory & our new proposed factory in Neemrana)
10. Tin box and card board tube making….(Delhi vendor’s factory & our new proposed factory in Neemrana)
11. Wooden handicrafts & furniture…(Our ancillary unit in Saharanpur; jodhpur. Tie-up & Supervision)

How do you ensure consistent quality to your customer?
We are the first manufacturer & supplier in India to adopt GREEN TAG system at the time of manufacturing for our quality management system. Before finely packing any item; each piece is first crossed checked with the approved production sample by our independent QC department and only then it passed for GREEN TAG for finely packing for export shipment. This fleet itself shows the keen interest of the whole team in quality systems.
All the Hand Made products are being design and produce through a well-written procedure. The entire productions are based on an assembly line concept & undergo rigorous quality checks at intermediate stages. At each step, the critical parameters are inspected and gauged with calibrated instrument, and documented properly.
Do you have any catalog?
We have lots of designs and a wide range in costume jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Semi Precious Stones, Beads, Pendants, Fittings and findings, candle stands, jewelry and pill boxes, Photo frames, Gifts & Novelties, Bags, scarves & wraps, napkin rings, table tops, cushion covers items. The designs, shapes, and sizes of these items keep changes, from season to season, so it is not possible to show all of them in one single catalog. That is why we had created this web showroom.
Yap, you can download our product wise catalog from website link given on top header of home page. On request we can also send you PDF catalogs, but that will be dedicated to only one category, and that too having 40 to 45% of the total designs of that particular category.
What is the minimum for printed items like bags, scarves or anything printed? Is there any extra cost for printing if quantity is less ?
Yes, there is an extra charge if any item is printed. For example for printed jute bag, we accept the same minimum quantity at the same price as what is mentioned on our website. But in addition to it, there is an extra US$10.00 per color per screen plate’s charges as a fixed development cost towards bag. But if the order quantity is 2000 or more (per style per design), then there is no addition charges. Likewise for printed scarf, whatever will be the actual development/printing/screen plates cost is worked out and informed to buyer at the time of order finalization? Any addition cost & charges for the printing items is always very transparent and quoted at the time of order finalization.

Can you develop my designs?
Oh!! Sure!! It will be our pleasure to design your styles. We have a design center manned by young designers producing new contemporary designs based on market predictions & counter sampling the items given by customers / other designers.
What shipping/packing policy is followed normally?
Each piece is poly-bagged & packed as a defined set like 12, 24 or even 50 depending on the size of style in question. These are packed in inner corrugated boxes of 3-ply rating & further into master corrugated boxes of 9-ply rating. The gross wt. is usually maintained around 18-20 kilos for ease of handling at ports and avoid any breakage. Customized packaging is also provided for logo printing, bar coding or labeling and can incur extra costs. Once we know of any style with defined qty., we can work out all necessary details as required.

 Regarding Payment
  What are my payment options?
1. Bank T/T:- you can instruct your bankers to transfer the invoiced money in to our account. The details of our bankers with swift code are well written there in the invoice.
2. Irrevocable LC:- The bigger orders involving large amount can be handled through Irrevocable LC from any internationally recognized banks.

What payment options are there?
L/C or Wire Transfer (Advance T/T) and balance by T/T upon faxing or emailing of post shipment docs.

What are the pricing terms?
The prices are quoted in US Dollars FOB India, any port.
What is the difference between Billing Address and Shipping Address?
Billing Address is the address where a customer gets his bills from the credit card company. Shipping address is the address where the customer wants to receive their shipment. Please mention physical address, as goods can not be delivered at PO Box no.

Types of shipping methods
1. Door to door courier International courier service providers deliver the goods at your door step. For this you can create an account with them on your own or you can use our account.

Freight Charges: Please have a glance on comparison chart.
Best Suits For : Small Shipments ( up to 90 kg)
You will get goods : With in 4 to 5 working days (Courier companies claims)

2. At your nearest Air port Shippingcan be organized through various air lines. The goods has to be picked by you only from your nearest air port and you yourself has to handle the custom procedures.

Freight Charges : The freight charges are subjected to the air lines it self and they changes it depending on the petrol prices and the space available with them on that particular day.
Best Suits For: Medium Sized Shipments ( 90 kg to 250 kg)
You will get goods : With in 5 to 9 working days (Air line companies claims)

3. At your nearest Sea Port Shippingcan be organized through various shipping companies. The goods has to be picked by you only from your nearest Sea port and you yourself has to handle the custom procedures.

Through which mode do you ship your goods?
The mode of shipment depends on customer’s choice and the total weight of the order. 
 How can I keep track on my order during transition?

Every freight company provides on line facility to trace out your goods in the transition period.

As soon as we ship your goods, we e-mail you the scanned copy of “airway bill”.

With the help of airway bill no, you can keep track on your goods.


Freight Charges : The freight charges are subjected to the air lines it self and they changes it depending on the petrol prices and the space available with them on that particular day.

Best Suits For : Big Sized Shipments ( more than 250 kg)

You will get goods : With in 20 to 30 working days (Shipping companies claims)


Note: Few countries charges some taxes, and collects through the courier companies who delivers good at your door steps. These taxes vary country to country and are at the total discretion of that country's government.

  Which are the courier services do you prefer?

We have tie-up with all reputed international courier companies for pick-up at the best corporate prices. Generally we are in associate with FedEx, UPS, DHL, and TNT.





1) usd 13.95 custom clearance charges for all silver jewelleries and semi-precious stone shipment ( high value shipment )

2) 6% insurance charges for all silver jewelleries and semi-precious stone shipment ( high value shipment )


1) 12 % fuel-surcharges as per FedEx subject to change-month-wise)

2) 10.2% service tax as per Indian government service tax act

3) usd 34.88 custom clearance charges for all silver jewelleries and semi-precious stone shipment ( high value shipment )



1) 13 % fuel-surcharges as per ups (subject to change-month-wise)

2) 10.2% service tax as per Indian government service tax act

3) usd 13.95 custom clearance charges for all commercial shipment

4) usd 23.25 custom clearance charges for all silver jewelleries and semi-precious stone shipment ( high value shipment )


 Though all care has been taken to prepare this document but soham buying house does not takes any responsibility regarding change in charges by the above said companies. This comparison chart has been prepared collecting data from various sources, just to show our new customers about the freight structure.

  Freight Comparison Chart (door to door courier services) …… based on 1 usd = 60 inr

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